Snap Cube Letters – Fun Hands-on Literacy Center Activity

Children absolutely love playing with colorful snap cubes. We love incorporating things they love to use into our learning. It keeps them engaged and stimulates their long term memory! Thus, our Snap Cube Letters activity was born! It focuses on letter identification, letter formation, writing, and fine motor skills!

About Our Snap Cube Letters Activity

This activity is simple, fun, and effective! We’ve created it so each snap cube mat has the uppercase and lowercase letter on it. You have the option to use the mat as is, or cut it in half to introduce uppercase and lowercase letters separately. We chose not to cut the mat, and our children really enjoyed doing both the uppercase and lowercase letter at once.

Snap Cube Letters Activity

It includes two versions. One in color where the children will match the snap cube color to the mat to create the letters. One version in black and white where the children will choose any snap cube color they would like and snap them together to match the letter formation on the mat.

What you Need:

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Snap Cube Letters Activity

How to Play:

Choose whichever letter you’d like to work on and place that mat on a table. We do not introduce letters in alphabet order. We start by teaching letters that occur most frequently in simple words, such as a, t, m, s. Letters that look alike and have similar sounds to avoid confusion are taught separately.

Here is the order in which we introduce letters:

A, T, S, M, D, I, F, R, P, O, N, L, E, C, U, G, H, V, B, K, W, X, Y, Z, J, Q

Once you’ve chosen the snap cube mat you’d like to complete, snap the cubes together in the same color and shape as the colored mats. Or snap the cubes together in the same shape using any color as the black and white page. Once you’ve completed snapping the letter together, trace and write the letter on the line at the bottom. It’s that easy and fun!

Snap Cube Letters Activity

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Snap Cube Letters Activity for preschool and kindergarten. Perfect letter and alphabet hands-on literacy center activity.