Apraxia Articulation Games A-M Initial Sounds

Children love this game set for helping with articulation of initial sounds for letters A-M. One of the best ways to help with speech and literacy is to make it fun! Download our Apraxia Articulation Games A-M Initial Sounds for free!

Phonemic awareness is an important skill for not only speech therapy, but also for beginning reading. It is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words. Isolating beginning / initial sounds is one key component of phonemic awareness. For example, if you ask your child what the beginning sound of ball is, and they say ‘buh’. Isolating initial sounds is exactly what this game set focuses on!

About Our Apraxia Articulation Games A-M Initial Sounds

Each game mat focuses on one letter at a time. We want to give children the ability to really practice and manipulate the beginning sound of each letter. Starting slow with one letter a time doesn’t overwhelm them and makes the activity even more fun for beginners!

Apraxia Articulation Games A-M Speech Therapy Activity. Practice articulation, speech, phonics and beginning sounds! Great for preschool, kindergarten and early childhood!

What’s included:

  • 13 color mats for letters A-M (1 mat per letter)
  • 13 black and white mats for letters A-M (1 mat per letter that children can color before playing)

What you’ll need to play:

  • 1 die
  • Game pieces to move around the board, such as pom poms, marker tops, skittles, etc.

How to play:

Children will roll the die and move their piece the same number of spaces on the game board. For each space they pass, they will say the name of the picture and it’s initial sound. For example, if they roll a 3 they would say “bee, buh; ball, buh; books, buh”. This gives tons of practice for initial sounds and mastering sounds children are struggling with.

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