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  • Articulation Playing Cards Speech Therapy Game! Fun free printable for learning articulation, phonics, initial sounds and speech skills. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten! #articulation #speechtherapy #apraxia #freeprintable

    Articulation Playing Cards – VC, CV, CVC, CVCV

  • Fun Beginning Sound Activity! Initial Sound Picture Sort ! Phonics activity for learning beginning sounds, and letter-sound correspondence! Great for preschool and kindergarten beginning reading skills!

    Beginning Sound Activity – Initial Sound Picture Sort

  • Child Progress Tracker Free Printable. Great way to track your child's literacy and math progress throughout the year in preschool and kindergarten. #kindergartenprep #progresstracker #freeprintable

    Child Progress Tracker – Articulation, Early Math and Literacy

  • Free Cookie Jar Letters & Sounds Printable! Hands on activity for preschool and kindergarten learning alphabet and phonics. #alphabetactivity #phonics #funearlylearning

    Cookie Jar Letters and Sounds

  • Beginning Reading CVC Short A Sentences Activity. Fun free printable phonics activity that is great for preschool, kindergarten, RTI and early childhood! #phonics #beginningreading #freeprintable

    CVC Short A Sentences – Beginning Reading and Phonemic Awareness

  • sight-word-practice

    Dolch Sight Word Practice Bundle

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  • Fun Dot and Color Beginning L Blends Free Worksheets! Great beginning blends activities for preschool, kindergarten, small groups, students and more! #phonics #freeprintable #funearlylearning

    Dot and Color Beginning ‘L’ Blends

  • Fun Alphabet Activities for preschool and kindergarten! Dot and Color Letters and Sounds is a free printable for learning letter recognition and letter sounds. #freeprintable #alphabetactivities #funearlylearning

    Dot and Color Letters & Sounds

  • EditablePlanting Names Activity and Editable Planting Words Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten! Fun worksheet printables for children learning to write their name and read and write sight words.

    Editable Planting Names and Words Activities

  • Fun Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Sight Words Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten! Great Printables for practicing speech, language and fine motor skills. #preschool #kindergarten #funearlylearning

    Feed Allie Apple

  • Feed Penny Pig – Silly Fun Articulation Game

  • Fun Early Learning FREE Full Assessment for PreK and Preschool.. Is your child ready for kindergarten? Use our assessment, flash cards, and score card to determine if your child is ready! #preschoolassessment #kindergartenprep #freeprintable

    Free Fun Early Learning Full Assessment for Preschool and Pre-K

  • Fun fall alphabet and phonics activities for preschool and kindergarten! Fun with Pumpkins is a great way to learn letter correspondence. #fallactivities #funearlylearning

    Fun with Pumpkins! Letter-Sound Activity

  • I Spy Beginning Sounds Phonics Activity. Fun free printable for prek, preschool, and kindergarten. It's a great way to work on initial sounds, phonics, and letter sound correspondence.

    I Spy Beginning Sounds

  • Fun Interactive Notebook for Letters & Sounds! Great hands-on activities and printable for preschool and kindergarten learning letters, phonics and writing. #interactivenotebook #literacycenter #funearlylearning

    Interactive Notebook for Letters & Sounds

  • Let's Practice Isolation Sounds Free Printable Great for learning beginning sounds, phonemes and phonological awareness in preschool and kindergarten! #speech #freeprintable #funearlylearning

    Let’s Practice Isolation Sounds Activity – Articulation NO PREP Worksheets


Showing 1–16 of 40 results