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  • Sort It Phonemic Awareness activity for preschool, kindergarten and first grade! Fun, no prep worksheets for letter sounds / phonics / beginning sounds. #phonemicawareness #funearlylearning

    Sort It! Letter-Sound Correspondence

  • Spin and Say Initial Sounds Free Phonics Activity. Great for learning beginning reading beginning sounds, and phonics in preschool, pre K, and Kinder. #phonics #freeprintable #funearlylearning

    Spin and Say Initial Sounds

  • Fun spring literacy and math centers for kids! These activities are perfect for preschool and kindergarten students learning fine motor activities, counting games, phonics, alphabet activities and more!

    Spring Literacy and Math Centers

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  • St. Patrick's Day Bundle for Letters, Phonics, Blends, Numbers, Math and More activities! These activities are great for preschool and kindergarten. Enjoy literacy centers, math centers, art projects, sensory bin and more! #stpatricksday #funearlylearning

    St. Patrick’s Day Bundle – Literacy, Math, Writing, Art and Science

    Sale! Original price was: $24.50.Current price is: $15.00.
  • Superhero Says Articulation Activity for Initial Sounds! Fun free printable for working on articulation, speech and phonics! Great for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and early childhood. #articulation #speechtherapy #phonics #freeprintable

    Superhero Says Articulation Practice – Initial Sounds

  • Snowflake Matching Beginning Sounds! Fun activity for learning initial sounds / phonemes in preschool and kindergarten. Great for at home or in school. #phonics #literacycenter #funearlylearning

    Winter Snowflake Matching Beginning Sounds

  • Snowman Building Letters & Sounds Winter Activity. Fun hands-on activity for learning uppercase and lowercase letters, phonics and initial sounds. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and RTI. #phonics #alphabetactivity #funearlylearning

    Winter Snowman Building Letter Sound Correspondence

  • Worksheet for beginning sounds Alphabet Flip Books! Fun beginning sounds worksheet kindergarten and preschool! Teach beginning sounds and letter sound correspondence.

    Worksheet for Beginning Sounds – Alphabet Flip Books


Showing 17–24 of 24 results