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5 Senses Circle Time

5 senses circle time activity. Fun discussion questions and 5 senses picture cards for preschool and kindergarten.

The five senses study is one of my favorite studies to do with children. Learning about our senses allows children to explore and learn in meaningful ways. Since children are naturally curious, this is the perfect study for them. For our 5 senses circle time, I use discussion questions to ensure children are getting the most out of learning. They help to engage them in analytical discussions and build their critical thinking skills. All while having fun.

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3 Epic Preschool Winter Science Activities


The cold winter months may be keeping us inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a ton of fun! We have been having a great time learning with these preschool winter science activities. They are simple, creative, and get kids super excited. I love how quick these winter science experiments are to set up. AND how quick they are to clean up.

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Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Fun letter activities for preschoolers and kindergarten. Letter recognition activities, letter formation, and letter sound activities.

There are so many letter activities for preschoolers available. It can be overwhelming to know which ones to use. I have spent a lot of time finding out what works best. Believe me, not all activities made the cut. My students ALWAYS told me when they didn’t like an activity. They are not shy about it?

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Writing Name Practice

Fun preschool name writing practice. Hands-on activities and name tracing worksheets for preschool and kindergarten.

Is your child learning to write their name independently? I have some great tips, tricks, and activities to help you with writing name practice. These name activities for preschool and kindergarten are fun and hands-on. They keep children engaged and loving to learn!

Preschool name writing practice needs to have a mix of hands-on activities and name writing worksheets. Both types of activities help children learn to write their name and identify letters in ways that are fun and engaging.

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How to Teach the Alphabet

How to Teach the Alphabet with the Letters and Phonics Alphabet Curriculum.

If you have been part of my learning community for a while, you know that I am all about making learning fun and engaging. I am extremely passionate about giving children a love for learning and a solid educational foundation. The alphabet is one of my favorite things to teach children. I love when everything clicks together and I see them go from identifying letters, to letters sounds, to reading. It truly makes my teacher heart happy.

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