Pom Pom Painting Rainbow Fish Book Crafts for Kids

With summer here, we’re learning about the ocean and all of the amazing creatures that live in it. We’ve been reading The Rainbow Fish book to go along with our ocean theme. That inspired us to make creatures from the book into a craft! Our Rainbow Fish book crafts turned out amazing!

Rainbow Fish Book Crafts for Kids. Great book companion activity and easy craft for preschool and kindergarten. DIY this free printable at home for distance learning or in the classroom.

We really enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish Book by Marcus Pfister. It’s about a beautiful fish who has shiny scales. Other fish in the ocean love the rainbow fish’s scales, especially a little blue fish. The rainbow fish thinks he is so pretty that he does not want to play with the other animals. He soon finds himself lonely and looking to make a change for others to like him and play with him.

This book is a great lesson in how everyone is different and some may be better at certain things that you are. Just because we all have different skills, doesn’t mean that we can’t all be nice to each other and be friends.

To go along with The Rainbow Fish book, we decided to do an art craft. Everything is better with art, right?! There are 3 free templates that you can choose from for this activity – a fish, starfish or an octopus. All creatures in the book that the rainbow fish talks to.

Rainbow Fish Book Crafts


Materials Needed for Rainbow Fish Book Crafts:

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To make this craft easier for our children, I clipped a clothespin onto each pom pom in the same color. I clipped a pink clothespin onto the pink pom pom, an orange clothespin onto the orange pom pom, etc. This made it much easier to keep the colors separated. If you have ever painted with preschoolers before, you know they have a tendency to mix colors and make a mess! 

Rainbow Fish Book Crafts

I allowed each child to pick any template they would like to paint. They came out so cute! Some chose to paint in order of the rainbow and others randomly chose colors. This adorable craft definitely brightened up our room! We hope you enjoy the The Rainbow Fish book and our craft as much a we do! 🙂

Rainbow Fish Book Crafts

Rainbow Fish Craft for Preschool and Kindergarten! Fun template for kids to make an easy kids craft! #freeprintable #kidscraft #funearlylearning