Shapes All Around Us Book and Activity

Reading books is one of our favorite things to do. We’ll read books about any and all topics! Lately we have been talking a lot about shapes found in everyday objects. Our Shapes All Around Us book shows shapes found in the world around us.

About our Shapes All Around Us Book

This book takes us on a journey of 6 different shapes. Shapes can be found in so many things around us! This book helped to inspire our little learners even more to think about and search for shapes around them.

Our Shapes All Around Us Book focuses on the following shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, oval, and heart.

While reading this book, it gave us the perfect opportunity to talk about shape attributes and to compare and contrast shapes.

  • Squares have four sides and four points.
  • Circles have no sides and are round.
  • Rectangles are longer than squares, but they also have four sides and four points.
  • Triangles have three sides and three points. They look like a hat.
  • Oval have no sides just like circles, but they are taller and thinner like an egg.
  • Hearts have curves and a point.

Shapes All Around Us Book

How to Make our Shapes All Around Us Book

You can either print this book or read it on a computer / tablet / phone. If you choose to print it, we recommend stapling it in the top left corner to keep the pages together. You can also hole punch the top left corner and put them on a binder ring. This makes it easy to flip through the pages and carry it around while you search for shapes around you.

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Word Chart for Shapes Activity

To continue learning about shapes all around us, we also made a word chart about shapes. We looked inside and outside to create our amazing list. Our children found so many great shapes around them and they had a blast doing it! Read about how we made our Word Chart for Shapes here.

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