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Easy Summer ‘Sponge’ Painting Crafts for Kids

Easy Summer 'Sponge' Painting Crafts for Kids

We LOVE summertime! It’s warm, sunny, and full of so many possibilities! We try to be outside as much as possible, but sometimes indoor activities are a must. Especially during rainy days. We always have a plan for fun when we have to be indoors. That is how our amazing summer ‘sponge’ painting craft was born! We wanted and easy and fun craft that wasn’t too much clean up. It was a success! The awesome part – we don’t actually use sponges!

We love painting. It’s a quick and easy craft that we can do pretty much any time. Our go-to is painting tool is, of course, the paintbrush. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and get creative! This time, we wanted something that was like the ‘sponge’ texture, but not as much mess. That was when the brilliant idea to use bingo daubers came about! We have glitter bingo daubers that are our absolute favorite! They come in all different colors though. We have found them under various names: bingo daubers / chubby markers / do-a-dot markers. They all mean the same thing.

Easy Summer 'Sponge' Painting Crafts for Kids. Fun craft templates for sponge painting inside and outside. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and earlychildhood!

Easy Summer ‘Sponge’ Painting Directions

Step 1:

Print out the sun and ice cream cone stencils (found under ‘materials needed’ below). Decide if you want to sponge paint inside of the stencil or outside of it. Then, cut out either inside or outside of it. For the sun, we cut out around the stencil. For the ice cream cone, we cut out inside of the stencil. This was a great way for us to create two different looks with the same type of activity! The children had so much fun seeing how sponge painting inside of a stencil was different than painting outside of it.


Grab a large piece of thicker white paper. Place the stencil inside of the page.

Easy Summer 'Sponge' Painting Crafts for Kids

Step 3:

While holding the stencil in place, use the bingo daubers to sponge around (or inside) of the stencil. You may want to gently tape the stencil down if needed, but we found holding it in place worked well. Use as many colors as you like! Once you have filled up your page, remove your stencil to see your gorgeous work!

Easy Summer 'Sponge' Painting Crafts for Kids

Step 4:

Bling up your gorgeous art! We added cute buttons to our ice cream cone and a button face to our sun. The bling added with our glitter bingo daubers made these summer crafts so adorable!

Easy Summer 'Sponge' Painting Crafts for Kids


Materials Needed:

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Fun and Easy Summer Crafts for Kids! Quick ideas for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and toddlers, boys and girls! Free templates included. #kidscrafts #funearlylearning

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