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Favorite Dinosaur Theme Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Our Favorite Dinosaur Books for Preschool and Kindergarten. Learn about dinosaurs with these fun and educational stories. Great addition to a dinosaur theme! #dinosaurs #readinglist #funearlylearning

This month we are learning all about dinosaurs for our dinosaur theme! We’ve got loads of fun activities for our literacy and math centers. Now, we’re preparing to stock up our reading center. There are so many adorable dinosaur theme books out there! Here is a list of our absolute favorite dinosaur books for you that are 100% kid-approved.

Download the PDF Dinosaur Books List Here

Our Favorite Dinosaur Books for Preschool and Kindergarten. Learn about dinosaurs with these fun and educational stories. Great addition to a dinosaur theme! #dinosaurs #readinglist #funearlylearning

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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

This isn’t a story book, but a wonderful book filled with information about dinosaurs. This book sections the dinosaurs into different categories: small, big, giant, and gigantic. It has amazing illustrations and facts about each dinosaur. It is a wonderful learning tool to learn more about dinosaurs and the prehistoric era.

Dinosaur A-Z: For kids who really love dinosaurs!

This is a fun dinosaur book that features a different dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. It teaches children how to pronounce the dinosaur’s name. It also gives fun facts about each dinosaur, such as how big they are, what they eat and more!

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

This is one of my favorite books to read! I absolutely adore these authors. Instead of putting children to bed, in this book parents are putting dinosaurs to bed. It’s a fun rhyming story about what dinosaurs do when it’s time for bed.

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

This is another one of my favorite dinosaur books. It teaches children all about how it is fun and easy to play nice with your friends.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

We have solved the mystery of why dinosaurs are extinct! They were all extinct during an underpants war! This is a fun and easy read for children. It has cute photos and a rhyming text. It’s a fun addition to our dinosaur theme and always gets lots of laughs.

The Lost Dinosaur Bone

I am obsessed with all of Mercer Mayer’s books. This is adorable and perfect for our dinosaur theme. Little Critter goes to the Natural History museum, but the dinosaur exhibit is closed. He goes on a hunt to find the missing dinosaur bone to help reopen the exhibit.

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Harry finds some dinosaurs in his grandma’s attic. They quickly become his friends and he takes them everywhere. Until one day he accidentally leaves them on the train…

Have You Seen My Dinosaur?

How do you find a missing dinosaur? With fun rhymes and illustrations, of course!

Touch and Feel: Dinosaur

This is a fun sensory book about what dinosaurs may have felt like. It teaches different dinosaur names while having you feel different parts of their body, like their horn or scales. This is an easy ready and great for toddlers through preschool.

The Berenstain Bears’ Dinosaur Dig

I have always loved the Berenstain Bears’ books. They are a bit longer, but always a fun read! In this book, brother and sister bear visit the museum where there is a dinosaur dig taking place! They are so excited to learn about different dinosaurs and the fossils they dig up.

Download the PDF Dinosaur Books List Here

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