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Favorite Valentine’s Day Books for Preschool and Kindergarten

Favorite Valentine's Day Books for Preschool and Kindergarten! Fun reading book list for children learning all about Valentine's Day #valentinesdaybooks #booklist #funearlylearning

It is almost Valentine’s Day! I am loving all of the different Valentine’s Day activities, books, decorations, crafts and more that I’m seeing. This is such a fun holiday and one of my favorite themes or holidays to teach children about. I’ve put together a list of our absolute favorite Valentine’s Day books for you that are 100% kid-approved.

Download the PDF Valentine’s Day Books List Here

Our Favorite Valentine's Day Books for Preschool and Kindergarten. Liven up and celebrate Valentine's Day with these fun and educational stories. #valentinesday #valentinesbooks #readinglist #funearlylearning

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Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a cute book about a very hungry caterpillar and reasons why someone makes the world a better place. Such a cute and easy read for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

Mouse makes adorable valentine’s for all of his friend. He tells each of them what he loves most about them. We love all of the mouse books and this one does not disappointment with cuteness.

Llama Llama I love You

This book is great for younger readers! Llama shows people who much he loves them with Valentines’ Day cards and lots of hugs.

Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Gilbert writes fun Valentine’s Day cards to everyone in his class. Each card has a fun rhyming poem. This is an adorable book that teaches the valuable lesson about forgiveness.

The Day it Rained Hearts

Cornelia Augusta is one lucky girl to be outside when it starts raining hearts. She collects a ton of them and knows just who to give them to.

The Biggest Valentine Ever

I love this story about Clayton and Desmond who decide to make a special Valentine’s Day card for their teacher. It doesn’t go as planned, but turns out amazing.

Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart

Nancy receives a mysterious Valentine’s card and must use clues to figure out who it is from. This is another one of our favorite Fancy Nancy books!

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool

Pete doesn’t think that Valentine’s Day is cool. That is until his friend Callie explains how Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell people how special they are to you. That’s when Pete decides to make special cards for everyone in his class to tell them how cool he thinks they are.

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts

Pinkalicious is assigned to make a special valentine for someone in her class. She makes a super perfect pink valentine. Will the one she receives be just as amazing?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter!

Mercer Mayor has always been one of our favorite authors. We just love all of his books. In this book, Little Critter celebrates Valentine’s Day with his class.

Love Monster

Love Monster is having trouble fitting into Cutesville. He tries to find someone to love him for the hairy, fluffy monster he is. He finds love in an unexpected place.

The Very Fairy Princess: Valentines from the Heart

Gerry makes beautiful and thoughtful Valentine’s Day cards for her friends, but then forget them at home. She has to think fast and be creative as she comes up with a new way to celebrate her friends.

Download the PDF Valentine’s Day Books List Here

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