Apraxia Speech Cards for Speech Therapy & Apraxia of Speech

Is your child struggling to speak clearly and put together words? Our Apraxia Speech Cards for Speech Therapy can help! These cards focus on the phonological processes of putting together sounds to form simple words. They’re perfect for children who struggle with multiple speech errors and have difficulty putting together words. They help your child to articulate, form sounds, and clearly speak.

What is included in our Apraxia Speech Cards for Speech Therapy:

→ 41 pages total with 3×3 cards that are perfect to use as is or with a word wall
→ 24 consonant-vowel cards (CV cards, like bow)
→ 18 vowel-consonant cards (VC cards, like ant)
→ 36 consonant-vowel-consonant cards (CVC cards, like bed)
→ 18 consonant-vowel-consonant-silent 3 cards (CVCe cards, like cage)
→ 12 consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel cards (CVCV cards, like hippo)
→ 6 consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant cards (CVVC cards, like snail)

Who benefits from using these cards:

Our speech cards are perfect for children who are struggling with multiple speech errors and have difficulty putting together words. This includes children with speech impediments, Apraxia of Speech, Autism, Down Syndrome, and other phonological processes where making simple sounds is difficult. These cards help children to practice basic sounds and words. As they practice, their articulation gets better and they become easier to understand. You’ll also see your child’s confidence increase as it gets easier for them to pronounce sounds. 

Apraxia Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy

Which cards to start with:

Our Apraxia Speech Cards are designed to start working on smaller, simpler words and then build up to longer more difficult words. You will want to start working with the consonant-vowel (CV), and vowel-consonant (VC) cards. Some examples of the CV words are: baa, bee, bow, cow, and no. Examples of VC words are: ant, arm, eat, and see.

Once your child is able to independently say the words on the CV and VC cards, you can then move to the consonant-vowel-consonant cards (CVC) and CVC-silent e cards. These include words like book, coat, duck, bike, and hide.

Lastly, your child will practice the consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel (CVCV) cards and the consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant (CVVC) cards. These include words like ladder, pillow, puppy, snail, and paint.

Apraxia Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy

How to practice with our Apraxia Speech Cards for Speech Therapy:

There are so many great ways to use these cards. We recommend starting by saying the word first and having your child repeat it. Once they have the word / sounds down well, have your child say the words on their own for each picture. If they struggle with a word or sound, you can go back to saying it first.

You can even turn these cards in to a fun game. Turn it into a memory game by printing off 2 copies of the cards. Place the cards you’d like to work with face down on the table. Flip one card over and say its name. Then try to find its match by flipping over another card and saying its name. If you find the match, put the cards together and place them in a pile. How many cards can you match?

Another fun idea is to put these cards on a word wall chart and place a fun picture or object behind one of them. For each picture your child says the name of, remove the card to see if the  object is behind it! 

Make sure to get really excited about practicing these speech cards and praise your child a lot. The goal is to make it super fun for them to practice their sounds and words. The more they want to practice, the easier the sounds and articulation will become.

Apraxia Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy. Free Apraxia Cards Starter Set with CV, VC, CVC, CVCe cards and more! Great for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early childhood speech and articulation practice. #speechtherapy #articulation #apraxia #freeprintable

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