Apraxia Speech Cards Set Level 1 – Early Sounds



Our Premium Apraxia Speech Cards Set Level 1 – Early Sounds focuses on the phonological processes of putting together consonants and vowels to form simple words. They’re perfect for children who struggle with multiple speech errors and have difficulty putting together words. They help your child to articulate, form sounds, and clearly speak as they work on early sounds. This approach is great for children with Apraxia of Speech and other speech disorders.


About our Apraxia Speech Cards Set Level 1 – Early Sounds

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Apraxia Speech Cards Set Level 1 Early Sounds. Fun hands-on speech activity for learning articulation, speech, language and phonics. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and early childhood. #speechtherapy #articulation #apraxia

This product includes:

356 Speech Cards for Early Sounds! Each card is color coded in the top right corner with the set name (VC is pink, CV orange, etc.). This makes it easy to grab the set you need. No need to print front to back, everything you need is on the front page. 


  • 93 pages total with 356 cards – 4”x4.5” in size
  • 24 consonant-vowel cards (CV cards, like bow)
  • 32 consonant-vowel cards (CV, like bee)
  • 44 consonant-vowel-consonant cards (CVC, like bib)
  • 24 consonant-vowel-consonant-silent e cards for long vowels a, i, o (CVCe, like hide)
  • 48 consonant-vowel-consonant-silent e cards for short vowels a, e, i, o, u (CVCe, like bag)
  • 60 consonant-vowel-consonant-vowel cards (CVCV, like hippo)
  • 8 consonant-vowel-vowel-consonant cards (CVVC, like snail)
  • 24 initial /b/ cards
  • 12 initial /d/ cards
  • 8 initial /h/ cards
  • 12 initial /m/ cards
  • 8 initial /n/ cards
  • 12 initial /p/ cards
  • 8 initial /t/ cards
  • 12 initial /w/ cards
  • 8 initial /y/ cards
  • 12 compound word cards (like airplane)
  • data sheets for tracking children’s progress


There are so many great ways to use our Apraxia Speech Cards Set Level 1. We recommend starting by saying the word first and having your child repeat it. Once they have the word / sounds down well, have your child say the words on their own for each picture. If they struggle with a word or sound, you can go back to saying it first.


The prep is easy! Simply print these cards in color, laminate, and cut along the black lines. Use as is or punch a hole in the corner and put on binder rings.


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Apraxia Speech Cards Level 1 Early Sounds. 356 speech cards for learning articulation in speech therapy and language development. Great therapy ideas for adults, childhood, preschool and more! #apraxia #speech #funearlylearning

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