Complete Preschool Math Program / Curriculum



You’ll love teaching children with our complete math program with easy to follow guided lessons, hands-on activities, math center activities, and more! Our activities are so fun that children stay engaged and learning! The prep is quick and easy!

We know you’re busy! Creating lesson plans and learning material is time consuming. Not any more! We’ve done all of the work for you! Our Math Program will help you easily and effectively teach:

  • number recognition and identification
  • counting
  • quantifying
  • shape recognition and identification
  • number writing and shape drawing
  • fine motor skills
  • and much more!


About our Complete Preschool Math Program / Curriculum

These activities are digital PDF downloads in a compressed folder. You will need to unzip these files in order to access them. You will also need a PDF viewer installed to access these activities. Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive a link to download it via email and/or the order page. For additional help, please contact us here. You will then need to unzip the folder to access the activities.

Complete Math Program / Math Curriculum for Preschool. Includes guided lessons, math centers, no prep worksheets, and more! #guidedlessons #lessonplans #mathprogram #mathcurriculum #preschoolmath #kindergartenmath

Our Pre-K Math Program helps prepare children for kindergarten success! The materials are targeted for homeschool, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and needing intervention (RTI). It corresponds to Common Core Standards K.C.C.B.4.A., K.C.C.B.4.B, K.C.C.B.4.C, and K.C.C.B.5. The activities help children count, understand that the last number said is how many objects in all, understand that as you count each number said is one larger, and count to answer how many objects in all.

This product includes:

Guided Lessons:
  • Calendar with Daily Lessons for 20 weeks: we have scheduled all of the activities for each week in an easy-to-read calendar to help you stay organized and on-track for teaching. Our curriculum focuses on 1 number and shape each week, but we have also included an editable excel calendar that you can alter to fit your needs.
  • Teaching Numbers Instruction Packet with 20 Guided Lessons: (1 for each number 1-20) with scripted instructions and activities – you will love how easy these guided lessons are to follow. They are perfect for certified teachers, teachers assistants, teacher aides, and even parents to use!
  • Teaching Shapes Instruction Packet with 16 Guided Lessons: 1 for each shape – Square, Circle, Star, Rectangle, Triangle, Oval, Heart, Diamond, Hexagon, Octagon, Trapezoid, Pentagon, Parallelogram, Cross, Arrow & Moon
Hands-on Activities:
  • Learning Numbers Hands-on Activities Binder: includes 6 hands-on activities for each number. You will LOVE seeing children play with these activities for hours!
  • Worksheet Packet Numbers and Shapes: 20 worksheets for digital numbers 1-20, 20 worksheets for written numbers 0-20, and 16 shape worksheets – a great way to practice number writing, shape drawing and fine motor skills!
  • 5 Math Center Hands-on Activities:
         1. Snap Cube Numbers
         2. Count and Clip Numbers 1-20
         3. Number Write and Wipe – 0-20
         4. Snap Cube Shapes
         5. Shape Mats
  • I Have, Who Has Numbers Game: for numbers 0-20
Bonus Material:
  • Memory Cards / Flash Cards: 6 cards for each number 1-20, 2 cards for each shape
  • BONUS Number and Shape Posters: 38 posters total – a $4 value FREE!
  • 7 sets of BONUS Worksheets! These are great for early finishers, morning work, instruction, homework, and more.
         1. Dab-a-Dot Numbers
         2. Let’s Identify Numbers! 0-20
         3. Spin and Write Numbers
         4. Dab-a-Dot Shapes
         5. Shape Flip Books
         6. Shape Mazes
         7. Spin and Write Shapes


Math Program in Action:

Calendar Example:

Math Program

Learning Numbers Binder:

Learning Numbers Binder Learning Numbers Binder Learning Numbers Binder
Learning Numbers Binder Learning Numbers Binder Learning Numbers Binder

Learning Numbers Binder













Math Center Activities

Math Program

Bonus Worksheets

Math Program


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