Let’s Practice Isolation Sounds – Free Articulation Phoneme Worksheets

Articulation of specific sounds can be difficult for many children. They can easily become frustrated and upset when they can’t be understood by others. We have created a great activity called Let’s Practice Isolation Sounds that helps children focus on beginning sounds / phonemes. This is a great building block to focus on sounds, communication, and beginning reading.


What is a phoneme?

A phoneme is the smallest unit of sound in a spoken language that distinguishes one word from another. It can be one letter, such as /b/ or /d/. It can even be more than one letter, such as /sh/ or /ch/. When children are able to isolate and pronounce these sounds, their speech and literacy skills really take off!


What is the best way to practice phonemes?

We focus on teaching and practicing phonemes in 3 different ways:

  1.  Initial Sound – The sound at the beginning of a word. The sound /b/ is the initial sound of the word ‘bat’.
  2. Medial Sound – The sound found in the middle of a word. The sound /f/ is the medial sound of the word ‘coffee’.
  3. Final Sound – The sound at the end of a word. The sound /d/ is the final sound of the word ‘gold.’


Let’s Practice Isolation Sounds

This activity focuses on initial sounds. Sometimes it takes children a while to master sounds. Having fun activities that get them excited is the best way to keep them learning and engaged! Each NO PREP worksheet in this activity provides loads of practice to target sound in isolation. Children simply follow the directions for each activity before coloring the pictures. 

There are 2 pages per letter with 4 activities total per letter. You can choose to do the entire page at once or cut it in half. This activity is great for working with children at home, in the classroom, in speech, or on the go! You can even do one page in class and send the second portion home. So many possibilities!

Let's Practice Isolation Sounds Speech and Language activity

For each activity, children will make the focus letter at least 10 times. They want to practice making the sound the best they can before coloring the picture. You can use crayons, markers, bingo daubers, stickers, or anything else your children are excited about!

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Let's Practice Isolation Sounds Speech and Language activity. Practice articulation, speech,and phonics with this fun free printable for preschool, kindergarten, and early childhood.