Letter Recognition Activities

Here are some amazing alphabet activities for helping children recognize uppercase and lowercase letters. These are a mix of hands-on and no prep activities. They are perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergartners! Help your child learn letter recognition, identification and writing!

Letter Recognition and Letter Identification Activities! Fun hands-on and no prep activities for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarten! Perfect for parents and teachers teaching children the alphabet.  #letterrecognition #letteridentification #funearlylearning

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Letter Recognition and Identification Hands-on Activities

Alphabet Letter Mazes

Alphabet Letter Mazes Hands-on Literacy Activity. Fun way to learn letter recognition, letter identification and fine motor skills. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, RTI and early childhood. #alphabetactivity #literacycenter #funearlylearning

I absolutely love these mazes! We use so many different sensory items to keep it fun and engaging. Pom poms, glass jewels, mini erasers, whiteboard markers, etc. This activity includes color and black and white. You can make it reusable or as a no-prep worksheet.

Learning Letters Activities Binder

Learning Numbers Binder

Our Learning Letters Binder includes 6 amazing activities that can be used in so many different ways. They help children with letter recognition, letter identification, letter-sound correspondence, and writing.

Letters & Phonics Alphabet Curriculum

Fun Letters & Phonics Alphabet Curriculum! Great for Preschool, Kindergarten and RTI. Guided lesson plans, activities and printables included! This alphabet curriculum makes teaching fun and easy!

Our Complete Letters & Phonics Literacy Program includes easy to follow guided lessons, hands-on activities, science projects, art projects, and more! We know you’re busy! Creating lesson plans and learning material is time consuming. We’ve done all of the work for you! Our Literacy Program will help you easily and effectively teach letter recognition, letter identification, letter-sound correspondence, letter writing, fine motor skills, and more!

Letter Search and Match

Letter Search and Match Alphabet and Literacy Activity. Learn letters, phonics, and matching with this fun literacy center activity. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and early education! #letteractivity #alphabetactivity #literacycenter

This Letter Search and Match activity is so much fun! It’s one of my favorite alphabet activities because of all the different ways it can be used. Children absolutely love matching the letters with glass jewels, but we have also used pom poms, bingo chips, whiteboard markers, and more! I use this activity when I begin to introduce matching uppercase and lowercase letters. It also helps to introduce letter-sounds and beginning sounds.

Play Dough Letter Mats

Play Dough Letter Mats Literacy Activity. Fun no prep activity for learning letter identification, letter formation and matching! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, RTI and early childhood. #alphabetactivity #literacycenter #funearlylearning

This activity is perfect for children just learning to identify and write letters. The use play dough gives this activity a fun sensory element that engages children and also builds hand strength. By letting children pick their own play dough color and white board marker color, they get extra excited for this activity!

Snap Cube Letters

Snap Cube Letters Activity. Fun hands-on activity for kids. Great for preschool, kindergarten, and early childhood. #letters #letteractivity #literacycenter #preschool #kindergarten #earlychildhood #freeprintable #freactivity #snapcubes

Children LOVE this activity! They put snap cubes together in the same letter shape as the letter mat. They then trace the letters on the page and write their own.

Superhero Letter Rescue

Superhero Letter Rescue is a FUN and FREE activity for learning letter recognition, letter identification, and fine motor skills! It’s perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, RTI, and early childhood! #literacycenter #alphabetactivity #superheroes #freeprintable

Superheroes are a fun theme to introduce to children to get them excited about learning! Our Superhero Letter Rescue activity is a great way to learn letter recognition, letter identification, and find motor skills! It’s a fun and free alphabet printable that you have got to try!

Letter Recognition and Identification No Prep Worksheets

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards are the perfect writing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters! This fun free letter printable is great for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early childhood! #letterwriting #alphabetactivity #literacycenter #freeprintable

Our amazing Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards help children to learn their letters and writing. You can easily attach them to a binder ring and take them with you wherever you go. This fun alphabet activity makes it easy to practice letters and writing at home, in the car, at a restaurant, grandma’s house, or anywhere you’re at! 

Alphabet Flip Books

Fun Alphabet Flip Books! Great printable for preschool and kindergarten to learn letters, phonics, and writing #alphabetactivity #writing #funearlylearning

Children will learn five different words per letter while creating their book. This is a fun, no prep activity to do at home, for morning work, early finishers, table-time, and more!

A-Z Handwriting Practice

A-Z Handwriting Practice Free Printable! Fun no prep writing activity for learning letter identification and letter writing. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, RTI and early childhood. #writingcenter #freeprintable #funearlylearning

Our A-Z Handwriting Practice worksheets help children work on letter identification, letter formation, and pencil grasp.  Children will trace the letters and then write their own on the lines. This gives ample practice for each letter. These worksheets are great for reusing when they’re laminated or inserted into a page protectors. Children can practice writing the letters as much as they’d like!

Dot and Color Letters and Sounds

Fun Alphabet Activities for preschool and kindergarten! Dot and Color Letters and Sounds is a free printable for learning letter recognition and letter sounds. #freeprintable #alphabetactivities #funearlylearning

Teach children letter formation, beginning sounds and practice speech with our Dot and Color Letters & Sounds activity! Children stay engaged and excited to make each letter with a bingo dauber! 

Dot and Trace Bundle

Dot and Trace Bundle for Letters, Numbers, and Shapes! Great activities for uppercase and lowercase letter recognition and formation, number recognition and formation, and shape recognition and formation. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, RTI, and early childhood. #literacycenter #mathcenter #funearlylearning

Teach children uppercase and lowercase letter identification; number identification; shape identification; and writing! These activities use bingo daubers to help with fine motor skills. We’re all about making learning fun and engaging with our hands-on activities!

Find and Dot Matching Letters

Find and Dot Matching Letters free printable! Fun letter identification activities and alphabet activities for preschool, kindergarten, schools, small groups, and at home. #alphabetactivity #funearlylearning

Our Find and Dot Matching Letters activity focuses on uppercase letter identification, matching letters, and letter formation. The use of bingo daubers builds their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strengthens their hands. All while children are having a blast! Our children especially love using glitter bingo daubers. These are the bingo daubers we like to use.

Handwriting Activity Sheets

Handwriting Activity Sheets Fun No Prep Printable! Learning letter identification, uppercase and lowercase letters, letter writing and sorting with these fun no prep worksheets. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and RTI. #alphabetactivity #handwriting #funearlylearning

These are one of my favorite no prep worksheets! I love the combination of writing matching and writing letters. As well as cutting and pasting.

Interactive Notebook for Letters & Sounds

Fun Interactive Notebook for Letters & Sounds! Great hands-on activities and printable for preschool and kindergarten learning letters, phonics and writing.

Have you ever tried Interactive Notebooks? They are so much fun! We have used fun and easy interactive pieces and the same format for all 26 letters, so that children can easily understand and create their notebook independently (once they get the hang of the first few letters).

Mystery Letter Pictures

Mystery Letter Pictures Alphabet Activity. Fun no prep activity for learning letter recognition, letter identification, letter sounds and fine motor skills! Great for preschool, kindergarten, RTI and early childhood. #alphabetactivity #letteractivity #literacycenter #funearlylearning

These Mystery Letter Pictures are a HUGE hit with children! They absolutely love solving the mysteries and using bingo daubers. You have got to try these!

Uppercase Letter Worksheets with Guided Lessons

Uppercase Letters Worksheets with Guided Lessons Fun no prep printable for kindergarten and preschool. Great for teaching handwriting, letters, and beginning sounds.

These worksheets include guided lessons where children are taught each letter, make connections to the letter in the world around them, and learn to write the letter. They’re great for parents and teachers to use! Use them as is for a no prep worksheet or insert into page protectors to make reusable.

Lowercase Letter Worksheets with Guided Lessons

Lowercase Letter Worksheets with Guided Lessons for preschool, kindergarten, and early education. Great guided lessons / lesson plans for teaching letter identification, phonics, and letter writing.

These no prep worksheets are so great for teaching letter writing. They included guided lessons to help you introduce the letter and teach formation.

Fun Letter Recognition Activities and Letter Identiication Activities. Great for preschool, kindergarten and young children. Hands-on activities and printables! #alphabetactivities #freeprintables #funearlylearning