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3 Online Sight Word Games for Kids

Sight words are something that every student learns in school. There is no way to phonetically sound out the sight word when reading. We must learn to look and recognize these words. This can take a lot of practice and patience to master. Why using sight word flash cards when you can use these 3 amazingly fun online sight word games?!

Sight word practice is very important for children. As they master sight words, it allows them to read and understand the majority of text, even when they are still developing their decoding skills. This gives children great confidence and makes them want to read even more.


Why are Sight Words Important

Before we dive into the fun online sight word games, let’s talk about why sight words are important. Sight words are high-frequency words. They appear in text most often. We can’t use basic phonics skills to decode sight words. We need to look and recognize these words without sounding them out.

Teaching sight words to students helps them to read more fluently. This helps them to feel more confident when reading. They are able to understand text better and even write better.

What Is the Best Way to Teach Sight Words

Every teacher will probably give you a different answer to this question. As with everything, I find teaching sight words is best through hands-on activities, interactive play, and a little bit of worksheets. Working on sight word practice every day is very important. It takes a lot of repetition and practice for children to understand and memorize sight words. When you make it part of your every day learning, you’ll be surprised how quickly they pick it up!

Online Sight Word Games

I love using online games and activities when teaching. Children love technology. These sight word Boom Cards are a great addition to our sight word lessons. I have included audio directions on each slide that are optional to use and very helpful.

Sight Word Practice



This online sight word game is so much fun! There are 3 different activities children will complete on each card. They will:

  • Read the sight word.
  • Find and click on the matching sight words.
  • Solve the puzzle by typing the initial sound of each picture in the box below it. What sight word does it spell?

Sight Word Detectives



Children love solving mysteries. I was inspired by how much they love the Mystery Letter Pictures activity. I knew I had to make a sight word game where they could solve something. This activity nails it! In this activity, they will:

  • Read or listen to the directions on each page.
  • Solve the puzzle by typing the initial sound of each picture in the box below it. What sight word does it spell?

Sight Word Superheroes



When you incorporate superheroes into learning, you’re winning. Children love anything with superheroes. There are 4 different activities children will complete on each card. They will:

  • Children will read the sight word.
  • They will read the sentence and click the word(s) that match the sight word.
  • Drag and drop the letters to build the sight word.
  • Type the word.


Download the Online Sight Word Games

You can grab these online sight word games by clicking here. Your students are going to have so much fun with them!

Other Sight Word Activities

It is always best practice to use many different activities when teaching. It helps you reach more student’s learning needs and keeps it fun and exciting. Here is one of my favorite no-prep activities to use. It helps children work on reading and writing sight words. Sight Word Practice – All Dolch Sight Words


You know that I always love hands-on activities. This activity is perfect for learning sight words and children’s names. It uses play dough and magnetic letters into a fun activity. You can edit the PDF document to enter any sight word you want and the activity automatically populates. Then print, grab some play dough and magnetic letters, and enjoy! You can grab the Planting Sight Words Activity here.

EditablePlanting Names Activity and Editable Planting Words Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten! Fun worksheet printables for children learning to write their name and read and write sight words.

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