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St Patrick’s Day Craft for Preschoolers


St Patrick’s Day Craft for Preschoolers

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon! Are you ready? I love all of the magic and fun activities we get to do for the holiday. Leprechauns, rainbows, chocolate, what’s not to love? This year we are doing a fun shamrock painting for our St Patrick’s Day craft for preschoolers. I have included the printable shamrock template below for you to download for free!

What’s great about this template is that there are so many things you can do with it. From sponge painting it to lacing it, the possibilities are endless.


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Here’s what you need for the St Patrick’s Day Craft for Preschoolers

Print the Shamrock Template Printable and Prep:

Print out the Shamrock Template and protect your work surface with newspapers or a tray. Put different shades of green paint on a paper plate or a paint palette. Cut up sponges or use a paint brush.

st patrick's day craft for preschoolers

Paint the Shamrock and Decorate

Dip your sponge in the paint and dab it inside of the shamrock. The more colors you use, the more variation and texture your shamrock will have.

st patrick's day craft for preschoolers

Once you have sponged / painted inside your shamrock, allow it to completely dry. Then, cut it out.

st patrick's day craft for preschoolers

You can leave your shamrock as is, or choose to decorate it more. Sequins and glitter glue are a great addition!

st patrick's day craft for preschoolers

Click below to download the free Printable Shamrock Template.

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We’d love to hear from you and see pictures of how your children decorate these shamrocks. You can leave us a comment below or join us on our Facebook page here.


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