All About Dad Book – Father’s Day Craft

Celebrate Father’s Day with our adorable, heart-melting All About Dad Book. Make Father’s Day special by creating a book just for dad. This book is filled with areas to tell your dad just how much you love him and the things you do together. Children can draw or write the responses themselves or have an adult help if they’re too young. Use all the pages or just your favorites. So many great options!

About Our All About Dad Book

This All About Dad book is so cute and easy to make! It includes 2 different cover options for you to choose from. There are 6 different pages for you to talk about all the ways you love your dad!


Some of the pages that are included are:

A page to insert a picture of your dad and you and your dad or you can draw one like the picture below.

All About Dad Book

Write about 5 things you love about your dad and 5 of your most memorable moments!

All About Dad Book

Tell your dad about your favorite trip you have taken together.

All About Dad Book

Write about things your family loves to do together and either include a picture or draw one.

All About Dad Book


What you Need:

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All About Dad Book for Father's Day. Tell dad all about how much you love him with this fun and easy craft! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, early childhood, elementary, and middle school!