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Teaching the five senses is one of my favorite studies to do with preschoolers. These five senses activities for preschool are a great theme to do any time of year. Children are so curious about the world around them. They are always exploring and questioning everything. As a teacher, it’s important to nurture that curiosity. Enter the five senses. 

I have put together an amazing bundle of activities your students will love. It has detailed lesson plans, a newsletter, and easy-to-implement activities to make your life easier. It includes hands-on activities, playful learning, centers, books, games, and more that children love! It’s perfect way for children to play, learn, and discover their senses.


About our Five Senses Activities for Preschool

This activity is a digital PDF download. You will need a PDF viewer installed to access this activity. Once you complete the checkout process, you will receive a link to download it via email and/or the order page. This activity comes in a compressed zip file that you will need to unzip in order to access it. For additional help, please contact us here.

Five senses activities preschool and kindergarten! Fun hands-on activities, centers, lesson plans, play learning, and more!

This product includes:

  • Click here to see a preview of this five senses study
  • 140+ pages total
  • Book List of our favorite Five Senses books for preschoolers
  • Newsletter – includes detail of the Five Senses study to send to your parents, and vocabulary words
  • 5 Days of Detailed Lesson Plans – you could easily turn this study into 10 days by doing each lesson over 2 days
  • Five Senses Song
  • Five Senses Posters – 8.5″x11″ posters – these are great for a bulletin board, circle time, anchor charts and more.
  • Vocabulary Cards with real world pictures
  • Bonus Vocabulary Cards to expand learning and engage children further with open-ended questions
  • Word Wall Cards – color and blackline included that you can send home with your students
  • Five Senses Pop – uses glass jewels, pom poms or snap cubes
  • Snap Cubes Senses – uses snap cubes to complete
  • Flip Books – no-prep cut and paste activity
  • Mystery Pictures – no-prep activity that uses bingo daubers
  • Directed Drawing – no-prep activity
  • Sense Sorting- no-prep cut and paste activity
  • Five Sense Labeling- no-prep cut and paste activity
  • Scavenger Hunt – My Sense of Sight
  • Guess the Smell Experiment – My Sense of Smell
  • Five Senses Bingo – My Sense of Sound
  • Apple Taste Test – My Sense of Taste
  • Five Senses Soup – My Sense of Touch
  • Question of the Day
  • Five Senses Google Slides Bonus Activities with directions for how to assign google slides to your students
  • Five Senses Certificate – a separate editable doc found in the zip file..
    • The fonts are embedded in this certificate document for you! Just type your student’s names, the teacher name, and date, and it formats everything properly. Please note that you are unable to change the font or size, it is automatically populated to make your life easier.



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Five senses activities preschool and kindergarten! Fun hands-on activities, centers, lesson plans, play learning, and more!

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