Editable Name Activities Preschool and Kindergarten



Learning to write your name is so much fun with these Editable Name Activities Preschool and Kindergarten! This set includes 6 fun hands-on activities.  Simply type your student’s name into the table and the activities auto fill for you. It’s that easy!

About our Editable Name Activities Preschool and Kindergarten

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Editable Name Activities Preschool and Kindergarten! 6 fun hands-on activities for learning to write your name. #nameactivities #namewriting #funearlylearning

This product includes:

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  • 65 pages total
  • 6 different activities
    1. Name Tracing / Driving Mats
    2. Dab-a-Dot Name
    3. Name Building with Snap Cubes
    4. Name Building with Play Dough
    5. Magnetic Letter Name Building
    6. Name Building with Bubble Letters
  • Editable Table to enter 20 students names at once
  • The fonts are embedded in this activity for you! Just type the names and it formats everything properly. Please note that you are unable to change the font or size, it is automatically populated to make your life easier.



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Additional products we recommend for this activity:

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Whiteboard Markers and Erasers
Q-Tips, Washable Paint, Paper Plate
Snap Cubes
Play Dough
Magnetic Letters & whiteboard
pom poms, tweezers
mini erasers
uppercase and lowercase alphabet stamps, stamp pads
magazines, scissors, glue


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Editable Name Activities Preschool and Kindergarten! 6 fun hands-on activities for learning to write your name. #nameactivities #namewriting #funearlylearning

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