Play Dough Articulation Practice Speech Activity



Do you have enough engaging, hands-on activities to help your children practice speech? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our Play Dough Articulation Practice Activity helps children practice initial sounds for letters A-Z. We incorporate play dough and whiteboard markers into this activity to make it extra fun!

Whether your child is struggling with sounds or just starting phonics, this activity is perfect! Children will practice saying the letter sound(s) 5 times as well as the pictures 5 times. Each time they say the sound or picture, they mark a box with play dough. It’s a great way to practice letter sounds and beginning / initial sounds!

About our Play Dough Articulation Speech Activity

This activity is an immediate digital PDF download (it will not be emailed to you). You will need a PDF viewer installed to access this activity.

Play Dough Articulation Practice Speech Activity! Fun free printable for learning initial sounds / beginning sounds, phonics, speech and articulation. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, RTI, speech therapy, and early childhood. #articulation #freeprintable #funearlylearning

This product includes:

  • 29 pages total
  • 1 letter mat for each letter with 6 pictures per letter that start with the same initial sound


The prep is easy! Simply print this activity, laminate and grab some play dough. Then you’re ready!



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Fun Articulation Activities! Play Dough Articulation Practice free printable for speech therapy. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary! #speechtherapy #freeprintable #funearlylearning

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