Play Menus for Speech and Language Development



Our Play Menus for Speech and Language Development provide a fun and engaging way to target difficult speech sounds including: /r/, /l/, /s/, /j/, /ch/, /sh/, /th/ /zh/.

Having a tea party or playing restaurant is an amazingly fun and effective way to increase vocabulary, while also developing language, math and social skills. One mention of a tea party and kids come running from every direction! You can role play with your child and target specific sounds goals (e.g., in the ice cream shop you can target that tricky /r/ (initial and medial) by ordering a delicious rouge watermelon popsicle or a lime ripple sherbet. You can target initial /s/: by ordering sausage and pancakes with strawberry topping for breakfast, followed by spaghetti and salad for lunch. Menus also help to develop print awareness, a skill that leads to early reading development.


About our Play Menus for Speech and Language Development

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Play Menus for fun practical life play! Great free printable for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and early childhood! #speech #articulation #freeprintable #funearlylearning

This product includes:

  • 7 pages total
  • 4 different menus


Set up a tea party or a restaurant scenario for role playing with your child using real or pretend food and drinks.  Take turns ordering and taking orders while targeting the sounds your child needs to work on. Incorporate play money to purchase items.


The prep is easy! Simply print and laminate these menus and you’re ready to play!


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Play Menus for Kids! Fun free printable menus for children. Great for speech and language development! #freeprintable #playmenu #funearlylearning

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