Snap Cube Shapes Math Center Activity

Learning shapes just got WAY MORE FUN! I’m always looking for hands-on materials that we can use when learning different concepts. Have you ever tried snap cubes? They’re our new obsession! Our Snap Cube Shapes activity for preschool and kindergarten is the perfect way to keep our kids engaged and learning! They’re loving snapping the cubes together to form the different shapes. And we’re loving all of the skills they’re building while having fun!

Snap Cube Shapes Activity for Preschool


Our Snap Cube Shapes focus on shape identification, shape formation, handwriting, and fine motor skills! There are two different options for this free printable.

  1. Print the colored pages to snap the cubes together in the same color pattern. Then trace the shapes.
  2. Print the black and white pages to save on ink. Snap the cubes together in any color pattern you would like as long as it follow the shape pattern on the mat. Trace the shapes.

Snap Cube Shapes Activity for Preschool

Make the Snap Cube Activity Reusable!

I don’t like to use an activity just once. I want to make sure we can use it many, many times to get a lot of practice from it. Plus, I don’t always know the areas the children are going to struggle with. It’s good to be prepared and have everything ready so we can do it as many times as needed. That is where my laminator comes in!

These pages work very well laminated. You can leave them whole or cut them in half as I did. I pull out the shape we’re working on, grab the snap cubes and a whiteboard marker and we’re ready to learn! I also use whiteboard markers whenever possible. Have you tried them with your children yet? Mine write so much longer when they can use a whiteboard marker, erase, and write again than when they just use a pencil. It’s amazing! I have all different color whiteboard markers to encourage them to write as much as they’d like!

**Side note, if you don’t have a laminator, you can also insert these pages into page protectors. They work just as well to use whiteboard markers with. As a bonus, you can store them in a binder to keep everything organized. Working with early learners, it can be a challenge to stay organized. We like to keep it simple where we can!

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Materials Needed:

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