Apraxia Speech Toss – Fun Language and Literacy Game

Children absolutely love playing games! They stay engaged, excited and having fun the entire time. Why not incorporate learning games into the day? Our Apraxia Speech Toss game is a huge success with our children! The bonus is, they’re working on their speech, language and literacy the entire time they’re playing!

We’ve never played a game with children where they ask why they’re playing it. In fact, they usually request to play it all of the time. We use hands-on learning materials and games as much as possible! It’s the perfect way to have fun while engaging children’s long-term memory.

About Our Apraxia Speech Toss Game

Our Apraxia Speech Toss game helps children to articulate, form sounds, and clearly speak. Each mat focuses on the phonological processes of putting together sounds to form simple words. They’re perfect for children who struggle with multiple speech errors and have difficulty putting together words. These mats also help with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children toss a ball into teach cup!


Apraxia Speech Toss - Speech Therapy Activity


  • Focuses on Articulation
  • Phonics / Beginning Reading Skills
  • Builds Gross Motor Skills
  • Excitement and Engagement
  • Following Directions

What you Need to Play:

The prep is very easy for this activity. You can print the mats in color and use as is or laminate for durability. Or you can print the mats in black and white, color with crayons or makers, and laminate or use as is. Then, gather some small cups and pom poms and you’re ready to play!


Apraxia Speech Toss - Speech Therapy Activity


How to Play Apraxia Speech Toss Game

Place the mat you would like to complete on the table. Set cups on top of each sun. Then stand back and toss the pom poms into the cups. Each time a pom pom lands in the cup, remove that cup and say the name of the picture underneath with your best speech. Continue tossing the pom poms until you’ve removed all of the cups from the speech mat.

Apraxia Speech Toss - Speech Therapy Activity

It was a challenge to get the children to stand back and toss the ball. They wanted to stand close to drop the ball in. It really worked their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills when they stood back a little bit. There was a lot of excitement and cheering each time the pom pom made it into the cup. 🙂 


  • If you don’t have small cups, you could simply toss the pom poms onto the mat. If they land in the circle of the sun, say the name of the picture with your best speech.
  • Use the black and white version as a worksheet. For each picture that you color, say its name with your best speech.

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Apraxia Speech Toss Initial Sounds - Speech Therapy Activity for preschool and kindergarten! Great way to work on phonics, articulation, and speech.